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Why can't I Get Pregnant?

why cant i get pregnantThe one dreaded question that we won't want to be in the position to ask - Why Cant I Get Pregnant.

To answer that question, the foremost factor you have to consider is the time you have spent trying to get pregnant. Most couples get pregnant within 6 month of trying. A good time frame to give yourself and to your partner before going to a doctor is to give it a try for at least a year.

Sometimes, the reason why you can't get pregnant can be as simple as because you are not having enough sex or you could be doing it at the wrong time! Sperm typically lives up to five days so instead of cramming sex into the day you think you are ovulating, you can try doing it probably 3 times a week. Having sex regularly would increase the sperm count (thou having sex everyday would decrease it). Which is why we recommend doing it 3 times a week with 2 days of rest in between.

Misconception on sexual frequency

I have heard of couples stopped having sex till the women is in her more fertile period in hope of saving up more sperm. This is definitely not true and will not be the right answer to your question of "why i cant get pregnant". Studies have shown that instead of increasing the chances of conception, it may actually decrease it.

1. the total concentration of sperm and volume may increase but the % of normal sperm and motile sperm decreases due to infrequent ejaculation

2. You may just miss the timing. The female egg will survive only for a day or two.

Let things be natural

If i am to be asked, the best advice i can give about trying to conceive is to let things be natural. The thing about sex is it was created to be enjoyed. Sex should never be something that stress you out. It is important to take things naturally. By doing so, you would also increase your chance of getting and orgasm.

Some researchers believe that having an orgasm would increase your probability of getting pregnant. This is because the spasmic movement when you get an orgasm would help pull the sperm up the uterus.

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Last but not least, Don't Smoke, Drink or Consume Drugs. These would definitely affect your fertility. Hope the above gives an insight to you on your question of "why cant i get pregnant".



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